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Megyn Kelly thought what Donald Trump said about Rosie O’donnell was offensive to women….

We think they are some of the funniest moments in Trump history.  And if you look at the view count and comments…

So does the majority of Americans.  Keep up the good work Donald…

Uptown Trump is sweeping the nation!

Trump Rips Rosie on Bill O’Reilly

As everybody knows…Megyn Kelly is very jealous of Bill O’Reilly and his success.

Her ridiculous question regarding Rosie O’Donnell at the First Republican Primary Debate, was simply an attempt by her to try and get some new women viewers and help her struggling ratings against Bill.

She thought she would win the hearts of America, but failed miserably and her liberal heart shined through.  Normal everyday American women found her questions outlandish and her demeanor disrespectful.

Can’t wait til Donald goes on O’Reilly next, and speaks about Megyn, the way he does about Rosie in this clip.  Keep up the good work Donald…People respect those who stand up for themselves and call it like it is!

You are way more in touch with mainstream Americans than the mainstream media.  The silent majority loves you!!!