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Trump’s Pussy Comment Strikes a Clit With Voters…

Donald shows his great sense of humor¬†and the reason he is so stimulating to independent voters….Watch as Donald cements his win in New Hampshire the night before voting with a hysterical moment on the campaign trail.

Trump Brings The House Down in Phoenix

Donald showed his amazing leadership skills and exceptional intellect, following an unfair and hurtful attack by the mainstream media after his comments on Illegal Immigration. Watch Donald as he Speaks The Truth to a record sized crowd in Phoenix, AZ. This is perhaps the Greatest Donald Trump Speech ever and shows why he is the coolest guy to ever run for President!

Trump Schools Anderson Cooper

Donald showed his incredible communication skills in this highly publicized interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Watch as Donald skillfully handles the negativity and remains positive and on message. Love the way he responds to the allegations from decades ago. Love the way he calls it like he sees it in this video.