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AmericansForDonald.com was created to unite Donald Trump supporters across the nation and Help Spread the Trump Love.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and encourage you to join our community.  Our goal is to provide the latest Trump News and Videos and have fun doing it.

Donald Trump is the coolest guy to ever run for President.  He calls it like he sees it and he is not afraid to speak his mind. Sadly, that is a rare quality nowadays when it comes to American Politicians.

We have become so politically correct in this country, that it almost seems like we are walking on eggshells and living in fear.  It is refreshing to finally have a candidate for President that does not conform to the system and speaks with passion.

His love for America and passion for Success is unprecedented.  Everywhere you go, you hear people who would typically not vote, or talk politics…Talking about Trump and how cool he is.  His personality is addicting and his leadership is in a league of its own.

Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again and go down in history as the Greatest American President Ever…

Don’t Believe Me?

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Uptown Trump is sweeping the nation.